Getting Asylum in the USA is Easy

Getting Asylum in the USA is Easy

Fact or Fiction? 


Getting Asylum in the United States is very easy.


This is completely FALSE.  If it were true, I would not have a job.  Getting asylum in the United States is extremely difficult   Some people believe that you just have to show up at the border and say the magic word.  That's how somebody described it to me last.  Saying asylum and you automatically get a work permit or get to stay here and then get papers.  Completely FALSE.  As a matter of fact, the denial rates for asylum are above 60%, above even 70% and in some states we have denial rates of almost 90%.  So out of 10 people that seek asylum, maybe 3 or 4 are going to receive it.  The rest will not.  And of those 3 or 4 that receive it, 80% of them had attorneys.  So having an attorney does make a difference but it still is not a guarantee that you will receive asylum. 


So it is completely false.  Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. 


This is attorney, Tania Silva with The Immigration Force.