They Married Me for Papers!

They Married Me for Papers!

What if somebody marries me for papers? 


That is a very unfortunate reality that many American citizens go through.  You meet somebody, and he or she is a foreigner; you bring them to the United States; you petition for them; they receive a conditional residency; then a legal permanent residency; and poof, the marriage is over. 


As painful as that may be, there are a couple of things that you may be able to do if you are certain, and you have absolute proof that these individuals committed fraud and misrepresentation when they married you.  It is not enough to have a broken heart.  You must have actual evidence that he or she, from the beginning, intended to marry you only to get papers.  If you are so sure, and you have that evidence, you may be able to present it in front of a family court and have that marriage annulled. 


Now, on the side of immigration, if that decision to grant that legal permanent residency has not been granted, you still have a chance to write to immigration and share with them the evidence that you have so you can withdraw your petition for your spouse.  So he or she will not be able to finish that Green Card process.  However, if your evidence is not enough, then he or she will be able to request a waiver to continue the legal permanent residency process by themselves.  That's why it is so important to have evidence of what you're claiming. 


Finally, if this individual already received their Green Card through you, and the process is finalized, you may still have an option to report them for fraud and misrepresentation to immigration itself.  And if you look at the link below, it will give you more information on how to contact them.


Now, remember, you must have that evidence; evidence that supports your claim of fraud and misrepresentation.  I'm sorry that this happened to you.  I hope things get better and I wish you good luck. 


Now you know. 


This is attorney Tania Silva with The Immigration Force