How much will my case cost?

Each case is different and its complexity will vary. In our firm, we do not charge per hour. We charge a flat fee for each type of case, and we charge per client, not per family. This means that our fee will never change, no matter how long the case takes, and it covers every detail of your case (i.e., initial copies, phone calls/emails, translations, attorney travel to the embassy, legal advise, etc.).

- Please note that our legal fees do NOT cover the application fees paid to the USA government, additional copies of paperwork, fingerprinting charges, transportation, or the embassy fees required to make appointments.

-We offer payment plans in some cases. Contact us for more information.

If you are in a financial situation where you cannot retain our services full-time, you may still have other options: Check out our social media channels. There we address many of the most commonly asked questions in Immigration. We do not answer case-specific questions over email or social media.
Your fierce attorney™ continuously participates in legal fairs and volunteer clinics. In these events your legal consultation is free, but it will not be very detailed. 

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