Extraordinary Abilities

Individuals with Extraordinary Ability or Achievement


If you are a person with extraordinary ability or achievements, then one of the best pathways to a lawful permanent residence in the United States has been the EB-1A extraordinary ability immigrant category. 


If you are a pro-athlete, a famous actor, a Nobel winning scientist, or considered extraordinary in not only athletics, arts or sciences but in business or education, this category is for you.   There are many advantages to this category of immigration including:



  • obtaining a green card without a sponsoring employer,

  • having to wait years for a visa to become available, even for nationalities with backlogs (such as Chinese and Indians). 


While we can all think of extraordinary people that will qualify for this category of immigration, there is hope for less extraordinary people to qualify.  They must demonstrate at least three of the ten outlined by the government.  


If you consider yourself as a person with extraordinary abilities in your field of endeavour,  talk to the experts at The Immigration Force will get you started on the road to immigration.